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February 4, 2022

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST

About the screening

Digital Arts Resource Centre is excited to present our annual RESOLUTION screening. RESOLUTION is a public screening featuring a selection of works created by our members during the previous year. Join us on our website ( on Friday, February 4th at 7PM EST to view the works. Artists will be in attendance to participate in a brief Q&A with the audience following the screening. Register via Eventbrite to attend the post-screening Q&A.


RESOLUTION 2022 will feature works by Pixie Cram, Nathan Hauch, Alexia Kokozaki, Lesley Marshall, Conrad Osei-Bonsu, Marie-Ève Fontaine & Guillaume Saindon, Penny McCann & Eric Walker, Sam Wood, and Aidan John Yates. 

Digital Arts Resource Centre (DARC) Annual Screening: A juried Selection of Members’ works from 2021

When: February 4th, 7pm EST
Where: ONLINE at
Cost: Free Admission (suggested donation $5 – the “door”)

Post Screening Q & A | Reception

About the WORKS


An image of distant mountains and blue skies taken through a large, clear window
A music video for Plumes’ track, When I Walk In. This is the third collaboration between musician Veronica Charnley of Plumes and filmmaker Pixie Cram. The footage was taken during a road trip across Arizona and Southern Utah.

Pixie Cram beautifully captures isolated landscapes in this video narrative with Plumes.

A word from the Jury

A very nice portrait of Pixie Cram

Pixie Cram

Pixie Cram is a filmmaker and stop-motion animator who lives in Ottawa. In her films she explores themes of nature, technology and war. On top of her own art practice, she works as a freelance screenwriter, cinematographer and editor.


A sequel to Nathan Hauch’s pandemic 2020 shorts “still” and “sway”, “slip” explores resolve in struggle. 

Nathan Hauch delivers an intimate, sincere, and refreshing narrative poem with slip.

A word from the Jury

A nice picture of Nathan

Nathan Hauch

Nathan Hauch (he/him) is a crip queer poet and filmmaker based in Ottawa. “Slip” is the third of two other pandemic shorts, “still” and “sway”; the former was selected for the Toronto Queer Film Festival in 2021. His first short, “the art of the morning”, opened the Ottawa-Canadian Film Festival in 2018.

Different editions of the same kind

A still from Different Editions of the Same Kind by Alexia Kokozaki featuring two figures standing side by side in white, rectangular cutouts

Different Editions of the Same Kind is part of a series of multimedia works that explores the biological and psychological bonds existing between siblings by emphasizing visible notions of duos and of shared genes. This performance video presents two figures, two sisters, dressed as dolls inside doll boxes that appear sporadically throughout the video, seemingly with one another at times. The dolls are in fact my sister and myself, and the recorded voices are our own. The video communicates and highlights the similarities between the doll siblings via costume and voice, but also presents two characters that are distinct in personality and mannerisms despite their physical resemblance. Spaces and figures in the video are physically and digitally manipulated so that they belong to both a tangible and intangible reality, and the visible and invisible bonds that bind siblings appear to be real, malleable and physical yet are also unmistakably constructed and unnatural.

Alexia Kokozaki explores the bonds between siblings in this inquisitive performance.

A word from the Jury

A very nice portrait of Alexia Kokozaki

Alexia-Leana Kokozaki

Alexia-Leana Kokozaki is a Canadian-Cypriot artist based in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. She completed her BFA at the University of Ottawa in 2017 and obtained her Masters of Art History at Carleton University in 2019. A recipient of the 2017 Edmund and Isobel Ryan 1st Prize in Photography as well as a winner of the 2016 AIMIA | AGO Prize Scholarship, her practice primarily involves photography and installation, but also branches into painting and video. Her artistic endeavors originate from an internal framework of incessant questioning that she seeks to rationalize within her work. Outside of her artistic practice, she is one of the founding members and contributors of Nosy Mag, an Ottawa arts and culture online magazine.

Dollar Bin DJ

A photo taken from the ceiling camera of a record store. People are browsing

A battle where two DJs get $50 and 24 hours to dig in discount bins of local record stores in order to come up with an hour long DJ set. An impetus for interviews with radio hosts, DJs, and vinyl collectors, we hear about ‘what makes a music scene’ and its connection to vinyl; keeping in mind that the vinyl record is the most successful form of media, second only to printed books. Long live vinyl and may the best Dollar Bin DJ win!

Dollar Bin DJ is a charming short documentary that provides great insight into Ottawa’s vinyl scene.

A word from the Jury

A very nice portrait of Lesley Marshall

Lesley Marshall

Lesley Marshall is a US/Canadian intermedia artist currently working on independent a/v projects with her company MAVN (Marshall Audio Visual Network). An award-winning filmmaker with films appearing in 40 festivals nationally and internationally, music videos by Lesley have been featured on Rolling Stone, American Songwriter, Vice, Exclaim!, Brooklyn Vegan, Aux, Rookie Mag, Stereogum, ClashMag and UPROXX. Lesley’s cinematography and editing of the 2019 Inside Out selected webseries “Village Legacy Project” can be seen on OutTV. Projection art by Lesley has been performed at the National Art Centre, Montreal Jazz Fest, and CentrePHI. Stay tuned for upcoming media art presentations of Lesley and collaborator Ashley Bowa’s Green Gazing, a touring project combining movement, meditation, video and plants.


Photo of a man preaching on a sidewalk in a suit and tie.

Preacher is the unexpected tale of a man of God. As we navigate his life in the city, we see his reality in this paced short film that uses staged performances to tell a story of spirituality on an everyday level.

Preacher is a beautifully shot and thoughtful film that easily holds the viewer’s attention.

A word from the Jury

A very nice portrait of Mark Corless

Mark Corless & Conrad Osei-Bonsu

Mark is a Canadian writer/director for film, television and web. Growing up in Nova Scotia and an NSCAD alumnus, he is currently the go-to director for companies like Pigeon row and Juno award-nominated bands such as The Sheepdogs and Matt Mays. He has had critically acclaimed short films play in Toronto, Cannes & London as well as music videos that have reached 1million + views online. He’s directed the web content for CBC shows like Tallboyz, Kim’s Convenience and continues a passion for comedy as well as drama. The short film ‘Preacher’ was shot over the summer and stays rooted in the indie filmmaking tradition of directors like Shirley Clarke and Robert Downey Sr. Conrad Osei grew up in Nigeria and currently works and resides in Canada. A career journeyman of sorts, he has worked in public relations, advertising, and film production, as well as pursuing a career as a comedian to hone his writing ability. As an independent filmmaker and stand-up-writer, his short films and music videos projects have been featured on CBC, VICE, Complex, Just For Laughs, Toronto SketchFest to name a few.

Events in the tunnel

A still from Events in the Tunnel featuring a helicopter layered over top of a peaceful lake scene

Drawn from Super 8 films in the artists’ personal archives as well as found amateur 8mm footage, Events in the Tunnel presents an absurdist abbreviated retelling of Canada’s colonial history as defined by that great colonial trope, the cross-country train trip. In the transitional void of a train tunnel, we witness familiar 19th and 20th century paradigms of white middle-class conformity as represented by images of travel, amusement, and domesticity, with Canadian culture embodied by a chimeric portrayal of the early 20th century painter Tom Thomson. Sound design by Chris Ikonomopoulos.

Penny McCann and Eric Walker deliver a great short for the small gauge fans out there featuring Super 8 footage.

A word from the Jury

Penny McCann and Eric Walker shooting film on a beach

Penny McCann & Eric Walker

Events in the Tunnel marks the first co-directing project by life partners and artists Penny McCann and Eric Walker.  Penny McCann’s body of media artwork spans thirty years and encompasses both narrative and experimental films and video. Her work has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally, including the Ann Arbor Film Festival (Ann Arbor, Michigan), the Hamburg International Short Film Festival (Hamburg, Germany), the Ottawa Art Gallery (Ottawa, Ontario), and the Cinémathèque Québécoise (Montreal, Québec). Visual and media artist Eric Walker studied video art with Dara Birnbaum at the Nova Scotia College of Art in the 1970’s. His artwork is in numerous public and private collections including the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the Owens Art Gallery, and the Ottawa Art Gallery.


RESONANCE is a short documentary film about memory. Sam Wood was 23 when he found an old photo album belonging to his father with photos taken of him at the exact same age. In the interview about the photo album that followed, Sam and his father discuss family history and their personal differences. This serves as a launching point to investigate larger themes of memory: what is preserved in our histories, what is discarded, and how complicated ‘memories’ really are.

A very nice portrait of Sam Wood

Sam Wood

Sam Wood is a musician, videomaker, and occasional photographer based out of Ottawa. He received his BA in Music Studies in 2017, and his MFA in Film Studies 2019. Sam has performed music in venues across the province, and is pleased to have had the support of the Digital Arts Resource Centre to complete his first in-depth video project: RESONANCE. His main interests are in the documentary form and how it can be used to explore memory construction, concepts of truth, and fiction versus non-fiction. While not working on videos, you’ll find Sam around the city performing music or getting shots for his photography project (@ottstreetart on Instagram).

Dilatory Transmission

A glowing green image of a sleepy broadcaster sitting at a desk, staring at a bottled, robotic head.

Filmed with a vintage vidicon tube camera, Dilatory Transmission is an experimental narrative short film depicting a retrofuturistic newscast exploring the alienating effects of the endless media and content under late-stage capitalism. Take a glimpse into the dystopian city of Monopolis through an evening spent watching the nightly news. Due to quarantine restraints, the film was developed in isolation solely by A. John Yates. With a unique approach to special effects, this film combines computer-generated imagery with the outdated technique of rear projection. Local musician Jacob Gonato elevates the film with a sensational score spanning from catchy jingles to improvised synth droning.

An endearing short from Aidan John Yates. Dilatory Transmission's dedication to pushing its aesthetic language and world building is strangely comforting.

A word from the Jury

A very nice portrait of Aidan Yates

Aidan John Yates

Aidan Yates is an amateur filmmaker, animator and sculptor who lives in Ottawa. His work explores themes of isolation, societal conformance and late-stage capitalism. He has a passion for experimenting with vintage technologies, favouring super 8 film and vidicon tube video. He is currently studying visual arts at Canterbury High School and aims to pursue film animation or production at the post-secondary level next year.

About the Jury

A very nice portrait of Ludmylla Reis

Ludmylla Reis

Born and raised in Pindorama ( Brazil ) and an immigrant in Turtle Island ( Canada ). Ludmylla is a theatre maker that has a love story with cinema. With degrees in advertising in 2008 and directing for theatre in 2018, they’ve navigated live and digital storytelling for over ten years. Their focus is on Devising Theatre techniques which support their desires to tell stories with varied experiences and multiple points of view. Ludmylla works with poetic filmmaking narratives sparked through human encounters and the experience of the mundane. With a BFA in Acting done in Portuguese and an MFA Directing done in English, a multicultural and multidisciplinary art is where they thrive.

A very nice portrait of Polina Teif

Polina Teif

Polina Teif is a Belarus born filmmaker based in Toronto. She received her BFA from the University of Toronto with emphasis on Visual Studies and Semiotics and completed an MFA in Documentary Film Production at York University. In 2019 she attended the Doc Institute Breakthrough Program and was awarded the Hot Docs Pitch prize and the 2019 Planet in Focus Green Pitch Award. In 2019 She participated in the Cannes Doc Corner Canadian Showcase and in 2020 she attended the Berlinale EMF DocSalon Toolbox Program and the 2020 Hot Docs Accelerator Program.

A very nice portrait of Mercedes Ventura

Mercedes Ventura

Mercedes Ventura (she /they) is an emerging interdisciplinary artist based in Odawa/Ottawa, Ontario. Mercedes’ work functions as autobiographical fiction investigating new spaces of the digital era, appropriating signifiers of self—gender, culture, religion, family, nation, and so on—as building blocks to envision works in various media: sculpture, video, and photographic self-portraiture. As a Guatemalan Canadian artist, Mercedes’ work is informed by the two cultures, her relationship to them and their relation to each other. She has been working on various photo, textile, and media projects as well as an Instagram account dedicated to performative self-portraits. In the spring of 2017, Mercedes received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa. She has exhibited works in Odawa/Ottawa-Gatineau region and Tkaronto/Toronto in various galleries and artist run centres. In the summer of 2020, Mercedes produced a web-based public art work for the city of Ottawa and Digital Arts Resource Centre.

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