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A background of blues, reds, yellows, and greens blend into each other. Large, white horizontal and vertical lines create the Ableton logo


This two-part online workshop will cover the basics of Ableton Live for the first-time user. Part one of this workshop will discuss what Ableton is and how it compares to other Digital Audio Workstations. Participants will be guided through the two main views in Ableton

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Wires, rocks, and an old CRTV monitor strewn about a beach scene. Metalic letters hang about in the hazy sky, set against an ethereal purple backdrop.

in Space grey | Online Exhibition

in Space Grey is a durational mostly a-synchronous online exhibition meditating on themes of connection, environmental extraction and accelerated capitalism. Presenting works by Ashley Bowa & Lesley Marshall, WhiteFeather Hunter, Maize Longboat, Tina Pearson, Manuel Piña-Baldoquín, Emilio Portal and Tosca Teran.

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A 3d render of a desk cluttered with papers, a laptop, and a coffee mug.


Planning your first project can be a challenging and confusing time. Not knowing where to focus your time, energy or money can lead to half-ideas, miscommunication with your crew and an unfinished product. As a new producer, there is a lot to consider and sometimes

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script and pen in a pink background


Screenwriting, also called scriptwriting, is the art and craft of writing scripts for videos, feature films, or television productions. A writer can create a script that is based on an original idea, or they can create a script from a concept, true story, or an

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illustration of a smartphone taking a video of coins


Thanks to great advancements in everyday technology, we have the ability to make professional-level content on-the-go. Camera lenses in our smartphones are so advanced and we can produce quality videos without the need for expensive equipment and quickly share footage directly to social media. This

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keyboard, headphones in blue background


This workshop will explore the role and function of sound composition in regards to moving images. We will experiment and explore various ways sound and images interact with one another. Students will learn music and sound composition techniques that will aid in their video production

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A black background showing ORCA's graphic user interface. Small turquoise, grey, and white characters are cascading vertically


Take a deep dive as we ebb and flow through creating abstract rhythms, melodies, and musical compositions through procedural sequencing – in one of the most innovative coding languages ever created, ORCA. In this powerful, esoteric, abstract, limitless, real-time live coding environment, we control audio software

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Artwork of a large grey hexagon with rainbow coloured lines running through the centre forming the shape of a triangle


Creative Coding is an exciting and accessible way for artists to use software development tools to produce creative, artistic works. Creative coding can produce artistic works that utilize both graphic, moving image and audio elements to create interactive installations (online and in person), audio visualizations,

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