Support your favourite artist-run centre!

Digital Arts Resource Centre (DARC) is a not-for-profit, artist-run, digital and media art centre that fosters the growth and development of artists through access to technology, training, mentorship, and programming. Our mission is to support a diverse community of digital and media artists empowered by technology, programming and the exchange of ideas. DARC actively promotes equity for all artists regardless of race, age, class, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, language or ability.

For our 40th Anniversary, we are asking for your support to continue our following programs:

Our Community Outreach initiatives are offered free or at subsidized rates to the public. Annually this includes our in house granting opportunities, youth mentorship programs, courses and tutorials ranging in a wide variety of tech based mediums, as well as other programs in collaboration with our partners across the province. 

Our Educational Subsidy Program is a longstanding program that reduces economic barriers for artists to attend our educational programs and training. The subsidy program waives all fees associated with our educational programs with specific priority to communities that face known systemic barriers to participation in arts and technology. 

Our Membership Subsidy Program is a partner program with the University of Ottawa and the Ottawa School of Art that offers enrolled students the opportunity to access our artistic production membership at no cost. This enables digital and media art students across the city to combine their formal learning experience with hands-on technical skillbuilding and introduces these emerging artists into DARC’s artistic community.