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Motion Capture for Independent Filmmakers

May 14, 2022

10 AM - 5 PM EST

This 1-day, 6-hour introductory workshop is aimed at filmmakers who are interested in learning how to record and export motion capture data using the suits and software recently acquired by DARC. This is an in-person workshop offered at Digital Arts Resource Centre (67 Nicholas St, Ottawa). To participate in this workshop, all participants must be fully vaccinated and wear a mask while on site at DARC.

The day will be divided into two halves, with a one-hour lunch break in between:

First half of the workshop (10am-1pm): Participants will first learn about different motion caption systems and specifically about how the wi-fi based Rokoko system works. They will be introduced to the Rokoko software and learn how to create projects and how to use the free library of available prerecorded motion capture files. Finally, they will be introduced to the Rokoko suits and gloves and learn how to put them on, connect them to the battery packs and how to connect them to a wi-fi router.

Second half of the workshop (2pm-5pm): Participants will be shown how to create actor profiles, how to calibrate the suits and gloves, and how to record and export scene takes. Everyone will have a chance to both wear the suits and to do the recording using the software. The final hour will be devoted to a demonstration of how an exported mo-cap file can be imported into 3D animation software like Blender and re-targeted to a rigged 3D character to animate it.

Course Outline

Session 1: Saturday, May 14, 10am-5pm


All motion capture equipment and software will be provided by DARC.
Any additional materials will be sent in advance via email.

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Workshops are open to Digital Arts Resource Centre members and the general public engaged in the creation of non-commercial, independent productions and work (Non-commercial, independent productions are productions for which the director retains copyright and artistic control, and for which the production is neither being produced for a client nor for the purpose of advertising or promotion).

Who Is Ineligible for Workshops?

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