Knot project space is a venue powered by Digital Arts Resource Centre (DARC), located in Ottawa, Ontario. The space is uniquely configured to present installations, screenings and performances by contemporary artists working within the field of media art and the moving image. The opening of Knot project space in January 2018 was part of a major expansion project for DARC, and represents a significant addition to its long history of nurturing and championing experimental practices.


September 23 – December 9

May – August

May – December

February 11


November 19 – December 17

October 8 – 29

October 6 – 29

October 4

Artist Talk with Emily Pelstring | Knot Project Space at the Ottawa International Animation Festival

June 24 – 27

a graph, a lovely tree | a symposium of artist-led conversations

April 29 – May 29

WEBr | Calla Durose-Moya, Jay Havens, Erin Gee + Jen Kutler

February 29

Bringing the Land to the City | Carmel Whittle

A dashed outline of doorway with a black floor reach out from the corner to the middle of the room.

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