Wires, rocks, and an old CRTV monitor strewn about a beach scene. Metalic letters hang about in the hazy sky, set against an ethereal purple backdrop.

in Space Grey | Podcast No. 4: w/ Tina Pearson and Tosca Terán

December 16, 2021

Podcast Episode no. 4: A conversation with Tina Pearson & Tosca Terán

In the fourth and final episode of ‘in Space Grey’, we talk with Tina Pearson about Deep Listening®, Tina’s approaches to scoring music, and her thoughts on performing with fielding recordings; and Tosca Terán discusses mycelium networks and her process of collaborating with living fungi to create soundscapes and generative visuals.

in Space Grey was a durational mostly a-synchronous online exhibition running in fall-winter 2021, meditating on themes of connection, environmental extraction and accelerated capitalism. Works presented by Ashley Bowa & Lesley Marshall, WhiteFeather Hunter, Maize Longboat, Tina Pearson, Manuel Piña-Baldoquín, Emilio Portal and Tosca Teran.

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