sculpture by Amanada Dawn Christie

Amanda Dawn Christie: From Radio Sinks to Artificial Aurora


10:30am - 1:30am

Amanda Dawn Christie presents a survey of transmission artworks involving both RCI (Radio Canada International) and HAARP (the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) in this in-person seminar.

Works discussed will include the Marshland Radio Plumbing Project, Spectres of Shortwave, related photographic works, Radio Towers Like Wind Chimes, Requiem for Radio, and Ghosts in the Air Glow. This body of works includes photography, film, installation, performance, and audio. Christie’s journey into transmission art began in 2009 with the Marshland Radio Plumbing Project (an attempt to create a functioning radio receiver entirely out of copper plumbing components), and has most recently delved into the realm of ionospheric modification experiments with Ghosts in the Air Glow (transmissions of audio and SSTV images from HAARP developed in consultations with plasma physicists and aeronomers).

To attend this in-person seminar, please join us in the Loop at Digital Arts Resource Centre (67 Nicholas St, Ottawa, ON) on Sunday, March 27 at 10:30 AM.

Amanda Dawn Christie is an interdisciplinary new media artist who makes film, installation, performance, and transmission artworks. Over the past decade her works have been presented on five continents by various galleries museums, festivals, broadcasters, and research facilities including HAARP—one of the planet’s only Ionospheric Research Instruments.

Christie completed her MFA at the SFU School for the Contemporary Arts in Vancouver, and has recently worked as an Assistant Professor in Studio Art: Intermedia (Video, Performance, and Electronic Arts) at Concordia University in Montreal. Her artwork explores the relationship between the human body and analogue technology in a digital age.

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