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$100 FOR 1 YEAR


The Digital Artist membership is for artists, creators and producers who are looking for access to equipment and other technical resources to produce their independent artistic work. These memberships are for sound artists, media artists, digital artists, video artists and artists crossing over from other disciplines. 


  • All perks of the Community Membership; 
  • Access to rent from DARC’s full equipment library (foundations and expert); 
  • Access to rent DARC’s post-production facilities, including our Digital Editing Suite and Recording Studio; 
  • Access to member health insurance; 
  • Access to apply for DARC’s Media Art Production Fund Grant; 
  • Access to apply for Knot Project Space’s Expanded practice artist residency;
  • Access to The Loop, DARC’s collaborative, co-working space.

Before Applying

With your application, you are communicating your robust technical experience to us. Applications are reviewed by DARC technical staff and can take up to 10 business days to process. Depending on your experience level, DARC technical staff may require that you successfully complete a technical workshop or series of technical workshops to be eligible.

This membership requires a 15 hour volunteer fulfillment before members are able to access equipment rentals. Available to Ottawa region residents only and are by application.


  • You must be a DARC member in good standing; 
  • Your peers recognize you as an independent artist;
  • You are not a commercial, for profit, non artistic, religious, government entity;
  • You have technical training (from DARC, another artist run centre, a post secondary institution or are self-taught with two years of artistic technical experience).

    DOP/Crew/Insurance Information