Poster of the W.I.P. Gathering featuring a virtual dictionary entry of the term 'Work In Progress'.


September 19 2019, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Screen based and sound artists were invited to share their latest W.I.P. (works in progress) or newly completed works with other artists, collaborators, friends and admirers. This was a great casual meet-up opportunity for those looking for feedback and constructive critique to share their works in progress with a small and supportive audience. All participants were encouraged to listen and share with one another in whatever respectful format worked best for them.

W.I.P. was held in tandem with Knot Project Space’s ‘Expanded Practice’ residency program – a process-focused initiative that similarly seeks to open up artistic production to community dialogue. The three-week intensive provided a Digital Arts Resource Centre (DARC) producing member with the time and resources to experiment with the spatial possibilities of video and sound installation. For its second iteration, running from September 3rd-21st, Knot Project Space hosted sound artist Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt. During W.I.P., there was a public ‘Drop-in Session’ for the residency, when attendees could enter Knot Project Space to see the development of Reinhardt’s sonic explorations.


Expanded Practice is Knot Project Space’s three-week intensive artist residency, offered to producing members of DARC to expand the scope of their projects beyond the screening environment and into installation/exhibition formats. The resident artist is provided with a fee, a materials budget, unlimited access to the project space and an array of audio-visual equipment for the duration of their residency, during which they are invited to experiment with the spatial orientation of the moving image, the distribution of sound, and other tactics for presentation and audience engagement. Through an emphasis on open, hands-on technological play and frequent discussions with Knot Project Space’s curatorial staff, the Expanded Practice residency seeks to create a collaborative environment in which both the artist and the art-space can mutually strategise around the materiality of video and sound, understood here producing sites of physical and architectural encounter. 


W.I.P. was a drop-in, meetup event. No registration required.  

This event was held with an open door policy. DARC staff was on site to provide tours of our facilities and more information on our memberships and artist opportunities.

An abstract tape slice containing the universe in a disconnected circular pattern.