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The Knot AR project: Call for Artists

11:59pm November 8, 2021.

Digital Arts Resource Centre (DARC) is seeking six artists to participate in its Knot AR project, with a deadline for applications of November 8, 2021. The application requirements include a letter of interest, a CV and bio, and documentation of previous work. We accept applications from artists at all stages of their career, and there is no application fee for this program.

About the program: 

Knot AR project is a commissioning initiative, funded by the Canada Council for the Arts’ “Digital Now” program, seeking to build capacity for Canadian artists to create experimental site-specific augmented reality apps. 

Through this open call, a cohort of six artists will be selected to each produce a site-specific augmented reality app.

The production period for these commissions will begin in January 2022 and conclude in May 2022, with the final works being exhibited on location over the summer of 2022, as well as on a purpose-built internet platform. 

During that time, artists will participate in immersive training on AR app development, as well as in seminars with artists who each engage with site-specific interventions in their artistic practices. These seminars will range in topics and perspectives, and will generally seek to examine and discuss the potential of mutually supportive exchanges between specific physical locations and the digital realm.

Using the concept of fungal intelligence as a springboard, Knot AR Project asks candidates to consider the nature of the connections that encircle and extend a mycelial system and to investigate the possibility of applying fungal characteristics to human and more-than-human community building at the intersection of digital and physical spaces.

Artist Fees and Resources:

Selected artists will be paid an artist fee totalling $4500 for the production and exhibition of their work. Over the course of the production period they will also be given free access to DARC’s physical and virtual resources, as well as workshops.

To apply to this program, please submit the following before the deadline:

1) A Letter of Interest (1 page max): This letter should briefly introduce your artistic practice and explain what interests you about utilizing and exploring the context of public projection.

2) Bio (200 words max)

3) CV (2 pages max)

4) Brief outline of your approach to the theme of connection and fungal networks (500 words max)

5) Previous Work (5-10 images and/or 5-10 minutes of media)

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