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The Digital Arts Resource Centre now offers three different equipment libraries (Digital Tool Kit, Foundations, and Expert) to producing members (Community, Digital Artist, and Expert Digital Artist). The Digital Tool Kit Library is available to rent by all producing members and includes several new specialized pieces of gear for all types of artists! Here are some highlights. 

Andor 1 Media Player

The Andor1 media player is the definition of plug and play. This small, discrete unit quickly reads videos and automatically loops them. Multiple media players can be synced to create large video installations and have the power to support 24/7 looping. They are currently being used to play 

select work at SAW Gallery in the <SAW Prize For New Works exhibition and in Korean artist, Yaloo’s exhibit Photosynthesizing posthuman scenario, Homo Paulinella the Lab> at The Korean Cultural Centre of Canada. Try to find the Andor 1 media player while you’re there, and reach out to DARC for support in your next exhibition. 

Afidus ATL-200S Timelapse Camera

The Afidus ATL-200s timelapse camera is an exciting new camera designed for high-quality long-term time-lapses! It includes a full HD sensor with true tonal HDR for responsive dynamic range, auto focus, motion detection (ideal for capturing wildlife), and a built-in optical dual zoom lens (16-35mm equivalent) with 4x digital zoom! Not only can you set scheduled recording times, the battery can last for approximately 45 days when shooting at 1-minute intervals, 8 hours a day. The Afidus ATL-200S Timelapse Camera is now available to rent by all producing members (Community, Digital Artist and Expert Digital Artist)!

3DIO Binaural Microphone

We’re thrilled to bring the 3Dio FS Binaural Microphone into circulation for all levels of producing memberships (Community, Digital Artist and Expert Digital Artist). This microphone looks and acts like real human ears! The soft silicone helps the embedded microphones record to mimic how the human ear hears. Equally as impressive is how you reduce lower frequencies and record cleaner sound with the flick of a switch. This is a similar technology used by artists Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, and not unlike your favourite ASMR youtube channel. 

Out of the box, you can put this on a mic stand or screw in a longer handle for more versatile use. With a simple flip switch, you can reduce some lower frequencies to help you record cleaner sound at the source. This is powered by a 9V battery and has a 3.5mm TRS jack leading to dual ¼” mono left and right, making it compatible with most recording devices. 

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