Hands up through a piece of white linen. A beam of light is seen from behind the linen. The entire scene is backdropped by greenery.

Breath and Belonging Online with Tina Pearson

December 2, 2021

1pm - 2pm EST

Breath and Belonging Online is an online workshop facilitated by composer / sound artist Tina Pearson that invites people from any place to play with the edges and depths of connection in cyberspace. The workshop references Deep Listening® practices as well as listening, sensing and attention-based telematic art practices Pearson has developed through 15 years working with online creation and performance activities in audio and 3D online platforms.

The workshop includes subtle guidance focussing on participants’ breath, sensations, place, and perspective. Participants will need to be stationary, have their camera and microphones engaged for parts of the workshop, and be in an environment with a low level of audio and visual distractions. The experience of the workshop is dependent on the involvement of the participants, making it not suitable for those who need to multitask.

Breath and Belonging Online is presented as part of Digital Arts Resource Centre’s online exhibition in Space Grey.

in Space Grey is a durational mostly a-synchronous online exhibition meditating on themes of connection, environmental extraction and accelerated capitalism. Presenting works by Ashley Bowa & Lesley Marshall, WhiteFeather Hunter, Maize Longboat, Tina Pearson, Manuel Piña-Baldoquín, Emilio Portal and Tosca Teran.

About DARC Project Space

DARC Project Space is a venue powered by Digital Arts Resource Centre, located in Ottawa, Ontario. The space is uniquely configured to present installations, screenings and performances by contemporary artists working within the field of media art and the moving image. The opening of DARC Project Space in January 2018 was part of a major expansion project for Digital Arts Resource Centre, and represents a significant addition to its long history of nurturing and championing experimental practices.

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