Land Acknowledgments

Any individual or group hosting an event in DARC spaces are encouraged to provide a Land Acknowledgement at the commencement of your event:

We acknowledge that DARC and this event are taking place on land that is part of the unceded and unsurrendered Traditional Territory of the Algonquin people. We honour the Algonquin people and elders, whose ancestors have occupied this territory since time immemorial, and whose culture has nurtured and continues to nurture this land and its people.

Logo Acknowledgments

Individuals/groups are required to display and use the DARC logo if:

  • Your project was produced through the funding of a DARC grant; 
  • You, as an individual or an organization, are partnering with or being sponsored by DARC;
  • You are a Producing member using DARC equipment/resources to produce your work.

Please refer to the DARC Producing Membership and Rental Policy.


All logos are listed below and available for download. If you require additional formats or have any questions about the use of DARC logos, please contact us at